New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is every year around the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May. The festival is a beautiful collection of musicians performing a wide range of music. From jazz to cajun, blues to rock, bluegrass to gospel and so on. If you can’t find your personal favorites here, then you need to get some, because these two weekends have the best of the best performing.

    Not only is there the artists at the festival , but New Orleans comes alive even more than usual with the bars, street corners and nightclubs lighting up at night with performances from visiting musicians. Jam sessions and impromptu guest appearances are the standard during these two weeks.


    Mardi Gras may draw more attention, but Jazz Fest is the soul of  New Orleans celebrating the city’s love and passion for music.
Photos from New Orleans 2011 JAzz Fest
Photos from New Orleans 2009 JAzz Fest
Photos from New Orleans 2012 JAzz Fest